Sunday, March 25, 2007

a anniversary of sorts

Exactly ten years ago, an eight pound bundle of energy came into my life, through the form of a basset hound that we call Em-Em. (MM) short for some horrific AKC name that I can't even remember.
She's an older dog and has always had problems with her knees, but latest set of x-rays show that she has an osteosarcoma on her left hind leg. Because of her body type (low with short legs) and her bad knees, the vet oncologist advised that she would be a boderline case for improvement with amputation of her leg. So all I want to do is make her as comfortable as she can in the time that she has left. Even though she's in a lot of pain she's still good about posing with my knitting.

emem, the pain patch, and a hat

So here's #2 of 10 for the Dulaan Project
Pattern: My own, I'll post the pattern when I find all the post it notes...
Yarn: Lion's Brand Fisherman Wool hand dyed with Kool-Aid (Grape, Strawberry & Black Cherry)
Needles: US 8

Sunday, March 11, 2007


Gifts to give...
1 of 10 for the Dulaan Project
Pattern: still my own, but I'm wrote it down this time!
Needles: US8
Yarn: Lamb's Pride Worsted in a neutral tone

and Gifts from my sister,
aren't they lovely? Her bead stash far exceeds my yarn stash!
Background: a soon to be felted laptop bag

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

march hat

Well now that spring is approaching and it'll be snowing tomorrow, I have a hat.
Pattern: my own!
Yarn: Lamb's Pride Worsted in some sort of red
Needles: US8