Thursday, May 17, 2007

a time for flying...

Thank you all so much for your kind words about Em-Em. It's really meant a lot to me.

By the way, I started knitting again...a hat for Dulaan. I hope I can finish 7 more before June.

Awhile back I made my way over to the library's annual book sale, I always go the first night to find the beautifully obscure knitting books. And for only $2.00 I got this...
a book of 800 stitch patterns and some baby patterns. The best part of the book sale was at the end, the ladies who tallied up my purchases were also knitters and complimented me on my choice of books. One lady even remarked,

"I have these same books at home, I even made something for my son out of this baby book. And guess what?? He'll be 55 next month!"

Very sweet ladies. And while the Baby book is not for me, I'm knitting for someone else, sometime in November you all can call me Auntie eyeleen! I'm so excited, baby clothes are small, I can knit those.

Meanwhile, Mandy loves all the extra attention she's been getting...
she even thinks she can fly!!