Sunday, March 27, 2005

Happy Spring!

I've been a little preoccupied with the Spring (cleaning, gardening, Easter, work) to post, or even knit...

Happy Spring to you all...


Easter orchids from the Big Island

Monday, March 14, 2005

tiny needles...tiny hooks...

I finally started my socks this weekend. Hopefully ::fingers crossed:: I won't have to frog them again. I've lost count with the number of times I've started and restarted these things. Teeny, tiny needles = sore fingers and eyestrain. I am in awe of all the Sock Masters out there. I started with the size 2 needles, not too bad, but I couldn't get gauge. Then the size 1's, now I think I'm OK with the size 0's. NO pictures yet, as I'm bit unsure about the yarn. I'm using the self striping yarn, but I'm trying to decide if I want identical socks. The stripes should match, shouldn't they?

In between bouts of frogging and reknitting, I pulled out my teeny tiny crochet hooks. It seems so much easier to make these

than the cuff on a pair of socks.

Monday, March 07, 2005

more midnight knitting

Another busy weekend around here, family, friends, food, drinking, dancing and very little knitting. Well, at least until about 11 pm today yesterday. I still haven't had a chance to block the Klaralund. Hopefully I'll get to it this week.

I received my order from Knit picks earlier in the week. It's some lovely stuff, I've got a bit of
self stripey sock yarn in vineyard...
lace weight alpaca in tide pool
and some merino in hollyberry
and dusk.

I've plans for a pair of socks and a couple of scarves from scarfSTYLE. I think. I do suffer from a bit of Knitting ADD, so this is subject to change.

It's almost 1 am, I'm finally getting sleepy, so g'night y'all. Have a Happy Monday and Happy Knitting.

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Almost finished...almost frogged...

I'm almost finshed with Klaralund. I'm on the last bit of the second sleeve. Hopefully I can finish it, so that I can wear it this weekend. Yay!

My mental craft queue is growing again. Axelle's Seurat sweater looks absolutely lovely, as well as the T-Shirt sweater in the new Mag Knits, very comfy looking, and Gemma from Rowan 37.

Maybe someday...

anyway, here are the pictures of my aged WIP.

I remember starting it, then Em-Em ate/destroyed my cell phone, wallet and credit cards, eyeglasses, contact lenses and birkenstocks, a Nikon flash and a whole bunch of other stuff. The crochet was put away, in favor of obedience training, and then knitting came into my life. So to the frog pile it goes...

with Em-Em's approval.