Thursday, July 27, 2006

Hello there! I've taken over the blog, so that I could give you a little insight into my human's busy schedule and hence her absence from blogging.

Let me introduce myself... My name is Mandy. I'm a Basset Hound and I just celebrated my first birthday, in human years that it is. I've got a good nose, and I like to eat things, all kinds of things.
See, my human, eyeleen, had to replace some sort of burner thingy on the BBQ, you know the thing that makes fire and smoke, and really good smells, and yummy yummy human food. Well after they finished fixing it, there was this little crunchy bit left on the ground. It was small, it smelled good, and was kind of pointy. So I ate it. Later that afternoon, there was this fuzzy thing on the refrigerator. Well it kept looking at me, so I killed it. There was fuzz and fluff and apparently there was also a magnet. I ate that too.

Well to make a long story short, I had to have surgery. You see, that crunchy bit was a screw, and I guess it met up with the magnet in my large intestine. Since they were right next to each other in different loops, they didn't move through me.

Anyway, I'm all better now, I've stopped trying to eat my sutures, and my belly is all healed. My human is a bit disgruntled, she says I've dipped into her yarn fund. I'm not sure what that means, but yarn sounds yummy. I could eat that.

Goodnight y'all. Happy eating!

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

a very strange July morning

On my way to work this morning I found myself singing along to the radio. After a few minutes and a couple verses later I finally realized that I was singing along to "Winter Wonderland", and then the Christmas song. At which point it finally dawned on me, Christmas is only 5 months away. Here I am in the midst of summer, and a muggy July day, thinking of school supplies and Christmas Shopping and ultimately Christmas Knitting. Where has all the time gone?

Well, wherever the time went, I certainly didn't use it for knitting or blogging, sorry for the long absence. In my knitting absence I've realized a couple of things. I'm not a sock knitter, my feet are not very tolerable to wool socks. I do like small objects knit in the round, so I guess I'll stick with gloves and mittens. I like lace, but I have an extreme aversion to ripping anything I've knit. I'd rather start over or simply rationalize the any mistake I've made can simply be called a design enhancement. Although I love math, Knitting math can often times boggle my mind. Logically it makes sense, I just can't come to terms with gauge. I can knit it, measure it, calculate the changes. But things always seem to change along the way.

Ah well, maybe I need to knit more. Or just come to terms with the way I knit. This is it, this is me. this is what I knit. (There will be pictures when I find my camera.)

So Happy Knitting y"all! I hope you're having a great summer. And don't fret, Christmas is 5 months away. That's a whole lot of knitting time.