Tuesday, July 25, 2006

a very strange July morning

On my way to work this morning I found myself singing along to the radio. After a few minutes and a couple verses later I finally realized that I was singing along to "Winter Wonderland", and then the Christmas song. At which point it finally dawned on me, Christmas is only 5 months away. Here I am in the midst of summer, and a muggy July day, thinking of school supplies and Christmas Shopping and ultimately Christmas Knitting. Where has all the time gone?

Well, wherever the time went, I certainly didn't use it for knitting or blogging, sorry for the long absence. In my knitting absence I've realized a couple of things. I'm not a sock knitter, my feet are not very tolerable to wool socks. I do like small objects knit in the round, so I guess I'll stick with gloves and mittens. I like lace, but I have an extreme aversion to ripping anything I've knit. I'd rather start over or simply rationalize the any mistake I've made can simply be called a design enhancement. Although I love math, Knitting math can often times boggle my mind. Logically it makes sense, I just can't come to terms with gauge. I can knit it, measure it, calculate the changes. But things always seem to change along the way.

Ah well, maybe I need to knit more. Or just come to terms with the way I knit. This is it, this is me. this is what I knit. (There will be pictures when I find my camera.)

So Happy Knitting y"all! I hope you're having a great summer. And don't fret, Christmas is 5 months away. That's a whole lot of knitting time.


Siow Chin said...

There are a couple of cotton sock yarn, Grumperina has discussed about them, maybe you could consider those if you still like to knit socks.

Tussilago said...

I`ve had the same thoughts...about xmas beeing only 5 months away...Mostly because the summer time always flies so fast..autum too...and then its always suddenly xmas.
Sooo....I`ve started thinking aboutmye xmas presents this year...what to make anyway;)Thats half the job, don`t you think?
I like your blogg!!

Anonymous said...

So happy to see a post from you.

I'm one of those knitters too, I don't do things the same way everyone else does, but I've gotten used to that. I am what I am.


Chris said...

You're making it awfully hard for me to continue my Christmas denial. :) Good to hear from you!

Lolly said...

Could it be? is it she? :)

So good to see a post from you!

Hey, you gotta find what works for you! Knit what you want and what makes you happy! I have learned that I am not a lace knitter (at least not right now), and I deal with it accordingly!

ANyway, hope to see a post and some lovely Eyeleen photographs soon. I have missed you!