Saturday, July 31, 2004

More Yarn

Why is that the declarative sentence, "I WILL NOT BUY ANYMORE YARN!" always signal the start of an enormous shopping spree?

I have more yarn. Gedifra Byzanz. It looks and feels like felted tape. There's a hint of shimmer in the center. I love the colorway.Kind of cranberry, purply green. I love that it kits up so quickly. I may finish it this evening!! Yes!!

In addition to my fluffy tape, I have some more stampata and katia yarn for my shawl. Gosh, I love yarn sales.


Thursday, July 29, 2004

100% Price Markup

I went into the LYS near work the other day, and I found this lovely Bouton d'Or. Organdi in Passion. It's a viscose blend and it has a beautiful sheen to it. I planned on making a small purse for my sister, but unfortunately the only bamboo handles I could find, were too big for the size I had planned.

I went back in the very next day, and the price of the Organdi had increased by 100%. When I questioned the price of the yarn, they said that it was previously marked incorrectly. (Somehow I think I triggered some sort of internal audit, and they repriced the yarn accordingly). I was extremely aggravated as the cost of my would be purse increased 100%. So it's still there, at the bottom of my yarn basket. At least it will be until I find some smaller handles.

Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Sundial Charm

sundial, uploaded by eye.

I've been using my Big Kureyon Tote for a while now. It's quite pilly and nubbly, and my fiberholic dog ate my DeFuzzIt. I must add the sweater stone to my shopping list.

I've filled my BigKureyon Tote with more Kureyon as I've found a great new pattern for a Kureyon scarf.
I need to find a nice pattern for mittens or gloves. I suppose I can always make wrist warmers.

It's just nice to have time to knit.

Sunday, July 18, 2004

Too Many WIPs

Ah well, thanks to another weekend jaunt to Knit Happens. I've increased the yarn stash and have overspent the yarn budget for next month. Now I just need to finish up some of the projects...

Sophie Bag in Noro 51. Ready for felting.
Katia shawl. 15% completed.
Furry d'Or. 60% completed. (I need more Mutine)
PBS. 75% complete. July is TOO hot for Mohair.
Anouk for Anna. 50% completed.
Stampata. 75% completed.
Black lace socks. 10% completed.

I really should take time to complete these. But the summer is too hectic, and I'm in great need of a vacation.

On the other hand. I have more Noro, and some Jo Sharp cotton to start the summer tank, I can wear this winter.

Sunday, July 11, 2004

Surprise at AC Moore

WOW! I walked into the back on AC Moore today and I was astounded and the yarns they now carry. SO many colors, so little time and of course so little money. I came out with 2 skeins of some Sirdar Stampata. To make another scarf, I suppose. Very cheap, very nice.

Monday, July 05, 2004

Old Kureyon

I've decided to use my old Kureyon (#51) to try and knit up a Sophie Bag. I'm about halfway thru the bottom, thanks to the massive amounts of caffeine, I've taken in for the Holiday weekend.

I finished my Big Tote in the Big Kureyon. I've been using it a bit and it's formed some lovely wooly pills. I must remember to buy a sweater stone.

As soon as I things in my RL calm down. I'll be making regular posts.