Saturday, July 31, 2004

More Yarn

Why is that the declarative sentence, "I WILL NOT BUY ANYMORE YARN!" always signal the start of an enormous shopping spree?

I have more yarn. Gedifra Byzanz. It looks and feels like felted tape. There's a hint of shimmer in the center. I love the colorway.Kind of cranberry, purply green. I love that it kits up so quickly. I may finish it this evening!! Yes!!

In addition to my fluffy tape, I have some more stampata and katia yarn for my shawl. Gosh, I love yarn sales.



brooke said...

It looks so gorgeous and fluffy!
That is certainly one I would spend a looong time knitting just because it feels nice. : )

Axelle said...

That's beautiful! I certainly hope you're going to treat us to pics of this when you're finished knitting it all up. It looks *sumptuous*.