Thursday, July 29, 2004

100% Price Markup

I went into the LYS near work the other day, and I found this lovely Bouton d'Or. Organdi in Passion. It's a viscose blend and it has a beautiful sheen to it. I planned on making a small purse for my sister, but unfortunately the only bamboo handles I could find, were too big for the size I had planned.

I went back in the very next day, and the price of the Organdi had increased by 100%. When I questioned the price of the yarn, they said that it was previously marked incorrectly. (Somehow I think I triggered some sort of internal audit, and they repriced the yarn accordingly). I was extremely aggravated as the cost of my would be purse increased 100%. So it's still there, at the bottom of my yarn basket. At least it will be until I find some smaller handles.


Axelle said...

!!! They marked the yarn up 100%! That's scandalous. Is there anywhere else you can get it for less? Online, perhaps?

eyeleen said...

I've tried. But I'm having trouble finding the right colorway. Some places have the solid colors but not the variegated colorway. :-(