Sunday, July 18, 2004

Too Many WIPs

Ah well, thanks to another weekend jaunt to Knit Happens. I've increased the yarn stash and have overspent the yarn budget for next month. Now I just need to finish up some of the projects...

Sophie Bag in Noro 51. Ready for felting.
Katia shawl. 15% completed.
Furry d'Or. 60% completed. (I need more Mutine)
PBS. 75% complete. July is TOO hot for Mohair.
Anouk for Anna. 50% completed.
Stampata. 75% completed.
Black lace socks. 10% completed.

I really should take time to complete these. But the summer is too hectic, and I'm in great need of a vacation.

On the other hand. I have more Noro, and some Jo Sharp cotton to start the summer tank, I can wear this winter.

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