Thursday, September 23, 2004

Manos and a Nap

THe LYS near my work is having their fall sale. So I spent my lunch buying this...Manos de Uruguay...


The dog thinks it makes a great pillow...I must remember not to leave the dog alone with the yarn.

RL is kicking my butt this week, and I haven't knit a single stitch. So much for productivity. At the moment, my schedule is quite horrid . It's only the 3rd week in September, and I won't have a free weekend until after Thanksgiving. And then it's Christmas. I guess I won't be knitting my Christmas presents this year.

Monday, September 20, 2004

A Happpy Monday

After an "eh" day at work. I had a wonderful surprise waiting for me when I came home. I had Two packages waiting for me! Yay!!

I've been RAOKed!! Margene sent a Cuticle Bar in a wonderful scent of Tea Tree/Mint. It's exactly what I need. Many Thanks to Margene for making it a Happy Monday.

Mr. Postman also brought me my Alpaca yarn. It's black, of course, and it's so soft. EmEm even woke up to inspect the packages, I think she could smell the alpaca wool. Either that or she thought it was some kind of cookie. She certainly has a thing for natural fibers. She displaced two of the skeins from their wrappers while I was looking for a box.


Familial obligations kept me from the Knit Out in DC. So I spent more money on more yarn. Just what I need. :-) I'm way over the craft budget for this month. And I'm running out of room to hide/keep the stash. Maybe I should clean out the spare bedroom, and devote it all to yarn.


Monday, September 13, 2004

a gift of Kool aid

Over the weekend, I was able to give my sister the Byzanz bag, and she was quite pleased with it. It's in her Favorte colors. She and he husband find my Kool-Aid Addiction slighly amusing, so they've gifted me with this....

a girft of Kool aid

I may try dyeing again this weekend, at least on Saturday. On Sunday, the Knit-Out and Crochet 2004 will be on the National Mall. I can't wait to see all the yarn...

As for my knitting, It's been a slow and slightly frustrating week. I've decided to use my Noro for a sweater, and I've spent the past 2 days, knitting and ripping. Aarrrghh!! At least now it's coming together. I've done another inch on the Pearl Beaded Scarf and it's almost done, almost. Although, I've been thinking that for about a month now. My goodness, there are quite a few (8) WIP's in my craft queue. Why is it so much easier buying the yarn, than actually completing the projects.

Tuesday, September 07, 2004

felted and lined

It was a pretty good, weekend, fun, but not much happened on the knitting front. (at least on my needles) I was able to check out a bunch of knitting blogs, mostly the ones with Project KA and the Fiber RAOK ring. It's great to see what everyone has on their needles. My head spins a little when I mentally add things to my craft queue and wish list.

I was able to felt my Kool Aid Sophie. (a great weekend for felting and catching up on the laundry). The bag felted more than the phone cozy, but otherwise I think it came out alright. Now I just have to line it and add the snap to the phone cozy,and I will have another FO.


...and I was finally able to line the Byzanz bag. I'm planning on giving it to my sister, so hopefully she'll like it, and maybe she'lll even use it. ;-)


Thursday, September 02, 2004

finally felted!!

I have finally felted my Noro Sophie. It's much smaller than the Booga and it only took 2 times thru the wash. Although lining the bag may take a while. I still haven't lined my Byzanz bag. ; P


A special thanks to the postman, for bringing me my yarn. (Although Mr. FedEx, brings me yarn AND cookies for EmEm). Infusion in Chamomile. It's furrier and loftier than the Kid Silk, I think I'll wait til it gets cooler to start my herringbone faggot scarf. ::or maybe when I figure out what a herringbone faggot is::


There's also more Silk Garden for the stash, as well as some Grace cotton. But I'm running out of room. How do you know when the stash is too big?