Thursday, September 02, 2004

finally felted!!

I have finally felted my Noro Sophie. It's much smaller than the Booga and it only took 2 times thru the wash. Although lining the bag may take a while. I still haven't lined my Byzanz bag. ; P


A special thanks to the postman, for bringing me my yarn. (Although Mr. FedEx, brings me yarn AND cookies for EmEm). Infusion in Chamomile. It's furrier and loftier than the Kid Silk, I think I'll wait til it gets cooler to start my herringbone faggot scarf. ::or maybe when I figure out what a herringbone faggot is::


There's also more Silk Garden for the stash, as well as some Grace cotton. But I'm running out of room. How do you know when the stash is too big?


Axelle said...

Dahhhling, the stash can never get too big. ;)

That said, one's hobby budget has an annoying way of getting too small at times... *sigh*

But I'm glad to see you've made some excellent additions to yours! Is that Silk Garden in 34? I made the Debbie Bliss scoopneck cardi out of that last year -- it's wonderful to knit. :)

BTW, I LOVE your Knit Wits button! I want one, too! May I snag it, please? How do I add it to my links list?

Axelle said...

oh yeah!! My short term memory isn't working today, and I got distracted by your yarn purchases (and am musing about what herringbone faggot (??????????????!@#$??) could mean, too).

What I MEANT to tell you but forgot was that I love your Noro Sophie! It's beautiful!

eyeleen said...

Yep, you recognized it correctly. Silk garden #34. It's so pretty, I don't know what I'm going to do with it yet.

As for the Knit Wits button, I just took the one from the LJ (that you made ;) I hope you don't mind) and squashed it. Jen's got a quick tutorial on placement in your blog.

Jen said...

Your Sophie is so pretty. Is it Kureyon? The colorway is beautiful.

You've made some excellent additions to your stash, as well. I agree with Axe, you can never have too big a yarn stash. In fact, I saw a bumper sticker not long ago that read "She who finishes with the most yarn wins". It's my new philosophy. For as long as my hobby budget holds out, anyway!

Jaimi said...

Stash? Too big? HAHAHAHAHA! *wipes tear*

I'll admit though, I've been working on destashing. My stash was taking over my apartment.

brooke said...

I agree that a stash may never be too big. :D

Sophie looks great! And I have a soft spot in my heart for any puppy!

I'm quite excited to see what you make with your newest yarns.

Atropos said...

Stash too big? I think you need to sit down.

Repeat after me - "There is no such thing as Too Much Yarn" :)

I love your Sophie BTW - it's really lovely. I might use that pattern for the Kureyon 124 for my RL best friend rather than making her a Booga bag. I particularly like the twisted handle.

FaerieLady said...

Love your sophie! --Kae

Anonymous said...

Just like new shoes, there is ALWAYS justification for more (and more) additions to stash. And I always believe that if you display it the right way, it can be considered Art.

You have a really beautiful sense of colour and I love your hand dyed numbers. I hate to say this, but your blog has been the catalyst for a Must Purchase Kureyon mission.

six and a half stitches