Monday, September 20, 2004

A Happpy Monday

After an "eh" day at work. I had a wonderful surprise waiting for me when I came home. I had Two packages waiting for me! Yay!!

I've been RAOKed!! Margene sent a Cuticle Bar in a wonderful scent of Tea Tree/Mint. It's exactly what I need. Many Thanks to Margene for making it a Happy Monday.

Mr. Postman also brought me my Alpaca yarn. It's black, of course, and it's so soft. EmEm even woke up to inspect the packages, I think she could smell the alpaca wool. Either that or she thought it was some kind of cookie. She certainly has a thing for natural fibers. She displaced two of the skeins from their wrappers while I was looking for a box.


Familial obligations kept me from the Knit Out in DC. So I spent more money on more yarn. Just what I need. :-) I'm way over the craft budget for this month. And I'm running out of room to hide/keep the stash. Maybe I should clean out the spare bedroom, and devote it all to yarn.



FaerieLady said...

Spare bedroom? That spells craft room to me! Excellent place to keep stash... --Kae

Axelle said...

My thoughts exactly! Nothing screams Yarn Stash! more than an empty space in the house. Think of it as seconday insulation. ;)