Saturday, October 16, 2010

Baby blogs

My niece Marissa suffers from an extremely rare disease called Infantlie Spasms. This disease causes her to have seizures several times a day, severe enough that her development is delayed. Her first seizure was when she was 2 months old...and developmentally this is where she is now.

Marissa's Bunny is a group of traveling stuffed bunnies, all named Fairfax, that travel the world and to spread awareness of this disease. Her parents blog about the bunnies, their journeys and Marissa at

They're currently on the list to be a top baby blog. The list counter resets every quarter and I'd like your help to make them number 1.

So let prove to the trolls that believe MarissaBunny does not belong on the list because she has special needs. I think it's great that they are in the top ten and she has special needs.


Sunday, October 10, 2010

chocolate curls

I had the urge to make chocolate curls today. So I made
milk chocolate cupcakes with chocolate curls
milk chocolate cupcakes with chocolate curls