Saturday, December 18, 2004

Thanks to you all who commented on the previous post. The picture. I tried the Flickr email update but it only loaded the photo not the entry. Ah well, I guess the picture was all I really needed.

I've been quite impressed with all the Christmas Knitting I've seen around on all the blogs. So many beautiful mittens, scarves, hats, sweaters and even a couple of legwarmers. Wonderful stuff. Although If I ever decide to knit my presents for next year, I'll have to start sometime next month, just to finish in time. (Unless of course they teach classes in speed knitting) ;-)

As for my current WIPs, I'm ready to felt my entrelac bag. I've pressed on with my Clapotis. It's going pretty well and fairly quick as I'm eager to see the effect of all these dropped stitches. I'm using the Briar Rose I orderd from Axe, a while back, and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I'll have enough to finish...

Pictures tomorrow...

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MARIE d├ębutante tricoteuse said...


me i thank you for all the message you post on my pages, is great to see them, an read them!! is very important for me! so on this december month i wish you have an happy christmas in advance!!!
best regards MARIE d├ębutante tricoteuse