Sunday, October 30, 2005

Sunday shopping

Apparently the dogs didn't realize that it was Daylight Savings Time, and woke me at 6 am. The amount of early morning sunshine confused me, so no chance to go back to sleep. Pretty good though, as I had signed up for a 9 am lace knitting class at Knit Happens. Flying on the beltway is beautiful thing on Sunday morning. No traffic. no worries, enough time to arrive for class.

Unfortunately, no class. Annie Modesitt had to cancel due to illness. Hopefully she'll feel better soon, and that the store will be able to reschedule the classes. At least we were able to shop away our morning. I came away with Koigu, Kid Silk, patterns from Rowan and Black Sheep.

With one more day of October, my goal is to finish a Socktober sock. Just a bit more. Hopefully I'll be able to knit at work tomorrow. Well, at least I'll be wearing a knitting project. The gryffindor scarf. (still not complete, and only 18 days until the new HP movie. I guess I have a deadline.) A tie, a wand, a cauldron and a cape/robe will supplement my ordinary work attire. I'm thinking of adding this to my ID badge, not bad, eh?
Hope you all have a Happy Halloween!


Lolly said...

Too bad about the class!

I am so excited about the movie! I am planning to make my Gryffindor scarf in time for the movie--my friend bought the yarn, so we are set ;)

wendy g said...

Sorry about the class but looks like you picked up some lovely yarn.

Rose said...

Congrats on winning a prize for Socktoberfest!!! If you haven't seen it you better go over quick - only 48 hours to claim the prize.