Wednesday, June 06, 2007

rainy roses

It rained this past weekend, and I'm not sure why, but I ventured out in the rain with plastic bag over my camera and took some pictures in the rose garden. I have some of my knitting to show you, but my model, Mandy, is being a bit uncooperative. Apparently I have thing for basset hounds with bad knees/patellas. Mandy has been diagnosed with a luxating patella, it pops in and out, repeatedly and quite easily. She's a trooper though, she still wants to play and run around. We have an appointment with the ortho/surgeon vet next week. All this and she's not even two.

rainy yellow rose
white rainy rose
red rainy rose


Amanda1 said...

Beautiful roses!

Hope the pup has some relief soon.

Carolina Lange said...

So beautiful roses! Amazing photos!
I hope Mandy gets better!

wendy g said...

Great pictures of your roses!
Good luck with Mandy's surgeons apt.

Monika said...

Oh, wow! Those are stunning photographs! Just wonderful!

Monika said...

I was so awed by the beautiful pictures, that I read the post afterwards. I sure hope they can do something about Mandy's condition. That's so sad. They learn to live with their pain a lot better then we humans do.

Dipsy said...

Wow! These pics are absolutely and totally stunning - so very artsy indeed, a real feast for the eyes! Thanks for sharing!

Maggi said...

These images are gorgeous ~ and so are the roses! OR, Your roses are gorgeous, and so are these images!

Life's a Stitch said...

WOW! That's all I can say. Roses in the rain are beautiful, who would have thought?