Tuesday, April 12, 2005

The other stash..

Well, after struggling for a few days with these charts. I'm finally making some progress. I dug out a magnetic board I used during my Cross Stitch phase, and it has certainly made life much easier. I'm working on some scarves from scarf style, for presents, for the Dulaan Project and for the red scarf project. My goal is to use a large amount of the yarn in my stash so that I can justify a yarn buying expedition. Have you seen Axelle's new silk boucle. Gorgeous.

During my search for the magnetic board, I *discovered* my other stash. The stash of forgotten craft and art supplies. Well there's the cross stitch, but there's also the paint, the watercolors, the acrylics, Prismacolor, Derwent, Design (is it bad that I like the smell of the markers?), charcoals, the beads, the calligraphy nibs, and pots of ink. And I almost forgot the scrapbooking supplies: the stamps, papers, punches, scissors, and another set of markers (acid free, archival quality:-P) Oy vey, I really shouldn't be allowed in craft stores. At least I've re-purposed my crochet stash for my knitting. I realize that I should probably get rid of them, but I can't let go. One day, maybe someday soon, I might just try them again. After all, I've got ALL the supplies.

Yeah, right.


My mum's party was quite a success, family, friends and tons of food. (I just finished the last bit of mango mousse cake. Yummy!) Everyone loved the party favors. Later in the party, people had broken off into groups that later became crochet circles. Those who knew how to crochet taught the others.

Here's my Mum teaching John the basics of crochet...


Lauren said...

You are the crafy queen! I have several supplies, but I think that you definitely have me beat!

Cute picture of your mum and John crocheting :)

Lauren said...

Forgot to mention that your new banner is GREAT--love the colors and the font :)