Thursday, April 07, 2005

out of the slump

Well. I think I've officially out of my so called knittting slump. I've taken advantage of day off from work to tidy up the blog, and cast on for a couple of scarves. I've got a gauge swatch for the tank I'm planning to make with my new flash yarn. Yay.

I've realized I'm crap at reading knitting charts. Of course, I realize that as soon as I get the hang of it it'll be easier, but the repeated frogging and counting of stitches may send my new WIPs into the basket with the UFO's.

Of course my productive knitting day, came to stop while watching Lost. I definitely need to find some mindless knitting for TV time. Did y'all see Jack with that knitting needle?


Eilene said...

May I suggest a magnetic board. It is great for reading charts. A magnetic strip is placed above the row you are working on so there is no confusion. I couldn't have done Rogue without it!

Thanks for the compliment on my new site! :-)

Kimberli said...

Although I've never used a magnetic board...many of my pals SWEAR by them!
Don't worry - chart reading comes with practice.