Monday, October 18, 2004

midnight knitting

I guess this makes me a Midnight Knitter. After a virtually knitless weekend. I finally picked up my needles around 11:30 this evening. I've made a bit of progress on my Lara, And I thought I'd take a break before starting the left front. I've got to be up in about 6 hours to go to work, but unfortunately sleep is eluding me at the moment. Good for my knitting I suppose.

Last weekend I trekked out to the Sugarloaf Arts & Crafts festival with my sister. There quite a few Knitted bits around. Bags, Hats, Felted Pencil holders, and a luscious 2 pound skein of an expresso colored alapaca silk yarn that screamed out my name. Unfortunately my wallet screamed a No in reply, and I walked away. Ah well, they'll be back again next month.


Atropos said...

Ooh, that yarn sounds yummy. I admire your willpower for being able to walk away. I went to Stitches East last weekend and ended up coming away with a huge bagful of stuff because I have no self control. Now I have enough yarn to tide me over until Doomsday, or thereabouts. But it's all part of the knitting fun, right?

Axelle said...

Hurray for the Midnight Knitter! That's usually when I have enough time to sit down with my needles -- terrible for my body clock, but I can't help it! I'd much rather be knitting than sleeping, most days.

And I commend your willpower, too. That alpaca silk sounded delicious. I don't think I have any at all and suspect that before long I might have enough yarn in my stash to open up a yarn shop. :P

Jaimi said...

Mmm, midnight. I like late nights anyway...and the knitting doesn't help.

MARIE d├ębutante tricoteuse said...

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