Sunday, October 24, 2004

more midnight knitting

So after a day of partying, and party planning. I finally have time to knit a bit. I've started more projects and have finished none. Right now I've got a Noro hat and poncho for my niece on the needles and waiting for more of my attention. I completed frogged my sirdar scarf and I'm using the yarn for the poncho.

I 'm longing desparately for an FO, or at least time to knit. Midnight knitting, although fun and productive, is cutting into my sleep schedule. When do we get that extra hour from daylight savings? Because I'd like it right now.

I'll try and post pictures tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the compliments on my projects & for visiting my blog. I'm sure you noticed that my name is Eilene. Is Eyelene your real name? That's really cool. :-)

Take care & happy knitting,

brooke said...

Why is it that when we have the most knitting inspiration, time is against us?
I do believe the time changing is coming up soon! At least I hope it is!!