Sunday, October 10, 2004

surrounded by red heart

I just got back from the midnight madness sale at AC Moore. You see, my mother, loves her red heart, the squeaky acrylic yarn. She loves it even more, when it is on sale. She makes afghans for the entire family, including the pets. With the Christmas season creeping upon us, she's ready to get started on this years batch. I thought it was only my mother, but I've never seen so many people so excited by Red Heart. The aisles were packed with people, and everyone with carts and baskets full of squeaky yarn. Eh, well, it makes her happy.

As for me I 've made a bit of progress on at least two of my projects. I've finished up the first sleeve on Lara and I'm currently working my way through the body. I 've added two inches to my Katia Shawl, which is getting wider and wider. (and taking longer and longer to complete a single row.) I've also pulled out the Pearl Beaded Scarf from the bottom of my basket. Inspired by Brooke, and her completed PBS, I'm going to try and get mine done this week. Yeah, right. :-)

It was so beautiful yeasterday. I just love October. Not too hot, not too cold. Not so many bugs. I pulled out my envelopes of Kool-Aid and tried a little more dyeing. And I came up with this...


and here's another view...


To go along with the fruity flavors I've named them:
Blue Raspberry, Honeydew
raspberry-lemonade.jpg honeydew.jpg
Black Grape, Pumpkin

grape-cherry.jpg Pumpkin.jpg
and Lemon-Lime.

I was so happy when I finally figured out the colors.( I can really be a bit slow sometimes ;-) The color of the envelope indicates the color of the juice/dye. ;-)


Emily said...
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Maureen said...

Thanks for the visit to my blog. I am glad you enjoyed the fall pictures. My Mom is a huge Red heart fan too. She does quite a bit of charity knitting. So it is good to have wash and wear. Looking forward to seeing a picture of your beaded scarf. It sounds very pretty.

Anonymous said...

What is the flavor of honeydew? That color is fabulous, I need it.


Atropos said...

Lovely Kool-Aid yarn! I did some Kool-Aid dyeing for the first time at the weekend and was really surprised by how simple it is. And how fruity the yarn smells afterward :) I'll post some pics on my blog later in the week.

Axelle said...

Wow! Those look fabulous! I think the next time I try Kool Aid dying, I'm going to keep an eye out for the Honeydew and Pumpkin! Did you use the microwave or stovetop version of the recipe?

Anonymous said...

I love your Kool Aid dyeing! Looks fabulous! What yarn did you use to dye with?