Sunday, February 06, 2005

Busy Weekend...

In between a birthday party and the Superbowl, I was able to do some knitting and felting! Imagine that...

Before I start with knitting content, Birthday wishes to Samantha! (who came down from NYC to celebrate her special day with us).

Don't you just love cake?!? It made the trip with her.
Sam's Bday cake

Like many of y'all out there, I've decided to devote February to fixing (or in my case finishing) all my WIPs. Well, most of them...

Noro Entrelac
Manos Bag
It's been felted, but I'm not quite pleased with the results...

Pearl Beaded Scarf (PBS)

A while back I dropped a stitch,
today I frogged about 5 inches
of the Kid Silk Haze and beads.
Then Em-Em tried to help
by frogging the extra ball of KSH.

Highland Gloves
Katia shawl

Cast on date: January 31.
so technically a WIP for February...

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