Friday, July 15, 2005

knitting til Midnight...

As an ardent Harry Potter Fan, I've been anxiously awaiting this book since I finished reading Book 5. So I'll be in line at Borders with my gang (the god kids and the cousins), knitting while waiting til midnight.

As for my knitting, I finally started a shawl. Using the Dyed Dreams yarn I picked up at MDS&W. I'm a bit concerned about the color, as my bamboo needles and cable have taken on a bit of the yarn's essence. They're turning purple. I just hope my fingers don't turn purple as well. So far,so good, although I've made a few errors design enhancements, I think I can live with them.
It's been a good week for surprises. My Secret Pal gifted me with this...
a wonderful knitting book, yummy teas, maple syrup, and a cute little pedicure set...thank you! thank you Secret Pal!

I also received a lovely card from Michele. Very thoughtful, very sweet, and it brightened up my day entirely.

I hope you all have a great weekend. With the new Harry Potter and some knitting it should be a good one...


Brianna said...

I'm also waiting for the HP book to come out. I won't be in line at midnight although that sounds like fun. I sold all 5 of my HP books at a yard sale - bad choice, I know. Especially since I have pretty much forgotten what happened in book #5. *sighs*

Lauren said...

If I didn't have an early class tomorrow, I would be out there waiting tonight too! I do have one pre-ordered coming in the mail though :) Have fun!

Love the stitch pattern you are using for that yarn--is is lovely.

Lovely gifts from your SP :)

Have a good weekend, Eyeleen

wendy g said...

Have a great weekend reading HP and knitting the lovely shawl!

Michele said...

Hi Aileen,

Nice knitting going on there! And what a glorious weekend you've got planned - knitting and HP! I'm very jealous as my copy won't arrive until next week.

Have you figured out how to knit and read at the same time? When I do it, neither one goes very quickly so I get frustrated! Ha! Such a hard life!

Happy weekend!

Eilene said...

That yarn looks totally awesome with all the different shades of purple! Your shawl is looking fabulous so far! :-)

brooke said...

The shawl is beautiful! I adore the shades of purple in the yarn!