Tuesday, July 26, 2005

keeping cool...

It's looks as though most of the country is experiencing this heat wave in one form or another. Well, me and my frizzy hair have found that it is possible to knit through this humidity as long as we are seated directly in front on the air conditioning vent (which is conveniently right underneath the desk.) There are also a vornado-type fans which provide the lovely swirling air currents. Em-Em has decided that the best place to be is directly in front of the swirling vortex of air. Now, bits of Em-Em are floating and swirling about the room, but I suppose that's why we have swifters and lint brushes. Have you ever seen the book on Knittng with Dog hair? I can't even imagine wanting to knit with the doggy bits.

As for my projects, I've got the shawl, the tempting, the assorted scarves, half a sock, and some other things that are occupying way too much space in the knitting basket. Do I still get to call them WIP's even If I have no clue as to when (or if) the progress will continue?


Maryellen said...

I've knit with dog hair two kings Belgian sheep dogs who have a real name but I can't spell it and Malmutes. Both breeds produce wonderful yarn but it's warm. Really warm. You need cold weather in order to wear the garments with out sweating to death.

Lauren said...

My doggies shed enough... I could mix the doggy hair and cat hair and have quite a combo! :)

Stay cool, Eyeleen!

Michele said...

I found that book a while back, too! Not that my dogs' hair would work but I did have a Norwegian Elkhound as a child and we used to joke that we should make sweaters out of her hair! Crazy as it sounds, how different is it from the sheep or alpaca idea? ;-)

WIP's are always WIP's no matter what - until the day your finish them or frog them for something else!

Happy knitting!

Michele said...

Hi Aileen,

Just letting you know that I've tagged you for the idiosyncrasy meme. Hope you'll play along.

The details are over at beknitted so come on over and check it out!

Life's a Stitch said...

I'm with you on the dog hair, no thanks!