Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Under the Weather

It started with sniffling, sneezing, coughing, aching, and a stuffy head. At this point, I would like to introduce you to my good friend, Nyquil. So with the aches and pains and the general feeling of blaaah, I'd rather sleep than knit.

Fortunately, I did have time to start and finish my fingerless mitts. I love the subtle color variations in the Araucania. I've also started a couple of bags (for felting) in some Manos and Noro from the stash. Simple knitting in the round. Just what I need.

At least now I'll have time to get caught up on all my blog reading, lots of fun stuff out there...

1 comment:

Lauren said...

Feel better soon, Eyeleen!

Wish you the best! :)