Monday, August 23, 2004

Blue Raspberries, Green Watermelons & Black Cherries

Dyeing is certainly addictive. I spent yesterday morning with my Kool-Aid, and I sent some of my pink yarn back through the Black Cherry. I was finally able to get the color I wanted. I also made a second attempt at a variegated skein, which came out but much better than the first. Black Cherry Grape.


There is one thing about these Kool-Aid colors. The names are completely misleading. I had leftover grape, and I was planning to make more of the red/purple colorway, except that the Raspberry Blast is bright blue and the Watermelon is bright green. Thus, this colorway was created.


I think I'm ready to try and find more Kool-Aid colors. I found a great search on the Kool-Aid website. It locates the available flavors at the nearest store. I'm currently on a quest for Green Apple and Pina-Pineapple.


Axelle said...

wOW! The colours you achieved are so beautiful! I especially like the Black Cherry combinations. What sort of yarn were you using?

Kathleen said...

Wow that's awesome... I don't use yarn much so I've never heard of that before! Nifty