Monday, August 02, 2004

more pics (another test post)

test post 2test post 2

I'm still trying to decide which photo blogging site I like best. Flickr.Hello.Photobucket.


shortn'simple said...

Nice job! Finishing is what's its all about. Too many yarnistas are in to starting, then boredom sets in, or the unspeakable tangle, the oops I made a mistake and that's the end. Finishing a project is not easy. It takes real zeal then you get the real deal. I love the handles? Where did you find them? What yarns do you favor. What's the flavor of the month. Have you felted?
I'm at I'm up for questions.

eyeleen said...

Thank you!!

I found the handles at G-Street fabrics. Yarn Craft & Fabric stores lure me in with all their bits, and don't let me go until I dropped a sizable amount of cash inside. ;) I've got a Sophia bag waiting to be felted, but I'm trying to wait until I have some clothes I stick in the wash with it.