Sunday, August 08, 2004

Noro Scarf

I love the freak weather change we had this past weekend. Perfect for knitting outside on the deck. It's absolutely fabulous, and I'm quite ready for the fall.

I'm knitting a scarf from the Knitting Yarn Store UK. I love the stripey triangles and it knits up pretty quick. After an afternoon of knitting, I went inside to get my camera. When I came back out, the dog had taken over my place on the chaise and went to sleep on my the beginnings of my scarf. Isn't she cute?

Here's a close up of the scarf...


Hopefully I'll finish it tomorrow, then again tomorrow is a Monday ;-(


Axelle said...

Wonderful colours! That scarf is going to be lovely!

brooke said...

The scarf looks great! It will look wonderful when it's done! What colorway is that you are using?
And yes, she is very cute!! : )

eyeleen said...

Thank you!

The scarf is in Noro 51. I like the deeper colorways. (more suited to my wardrobe) :)

Donna said...

The scarf looks great, but your dog steals the show! She is a cutie! ;-)