Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Rip, Rip Rip.

I am so frustrated. Yesterday I had to rip out a large portion of my Noro Scarf. Stupid me, in the middle of my project, I switched needles. Even though they both say US9, it doesn't make them equal. I noticed that the scarf was becoming a bit more narrow, but I thought I had hit the thin part of the yarn. I finally realized that it was the needles.

Just when I thought everything was coming along so nicely.


Axelle said...

Oh, I feel your pain! I knit up half the back of a tank once like that with a new set of US6 needles -- only to discover that what one brand considers US6 is not the same as another brand's!


I hope you didn't have to rip too much. But it's better now, I suppose, than when you'd finished it.

eyeleen said...

I only had to rip back about 3 triangles. It's just so frustrating.