Sunday, November 28, 2004


Inspired by the beautiful entrelac patterns, I've seen scattered all around, I've come up with this.

My first attempt at entrelac, and I'm knitting it in the round. I think it will be another bag, and maybe felted one. I suppose it will depend an whether or not I like it after it's finished and blocked.

Holiday shopping at the bookstore can be very bad, especially when distracted by knitting books.

So I got something for me. After all, there are still 27 more shopping days til Christmas...


Axelle said...

That looks lovely, Eyeleen. It'll make a gorgeous bag! And I'd never have known it was your first attempt at entrelac either. I've been meaning to give that a go myself. You've inspired me. If there's one thing that I'm definitely casting on over the holidays, it's my first entrelac project!

Michele said...

Hi! Nice blog you've got here. Keep up the good work!

I noticed that you finished some gloves recently and had the gaping holes around the fingers. How did you fix that? I tried to add extra stitches in the pick up phase then pare down as I went around. That just seemed to with them up. Any advice?

Danielle said...

That looks smashing. I love the colors. wow.

Anonymous said...

Your "Entrelac" is very beautiful. I'll be a great bag.
Marie-Hélène (Paille Maille)