Saturday, November 13, 2004

Thumbs Up

I finally had time to knit this evening, and I'm happy to say I have completed a thumb. So far so good, so I think I'll try tackling the other fingers tomorrow.
Thumbs Up

The other day I received some of Axelle's yarn in the Briar Rose colorway. I'm seriously considering using this for Clapotis...

I didn't do too much for Halloween this year, except dispose of the leftover Halloween candy. (delightfully yummy) It's a little late, but I couldn't resist this 59 cent special at Target. (Although, I'm quite sure that Em-Em wishes I had.)


Anonymous said...

wow, what beautiful yarn for clapotis!

Lauren said...

Wow--the picture of your doggie made me laugh out loud. How adorable!

I am with Froggy--that yarn is so pretty! :)

Atropos said...

Hee! Poor Em-Em. I got some of Axe's yarn this weekend too, including some in Briar Rose which I had earmarked as a Christmas present for one of my RL knitting friends. I fear that it is going to be very difficult to give it away though - it's so beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Is that your first glove? Very nice. I'm not really anonymous;I just don't have a blog.