Thursday, November 25, 2004

Happy Thanksgiving!

Well it's a bit late, but I hope y'all had a good one. I'm stuffed and tired and quite happy that the day turned out quite well. Family and friends filled the house and I'm ready for bed.

No new knitting news, except I've started a new project. It's one of those things, that aren't quite planned, but you start knitting and the pattern starts to emerge, and you don't know whether to frog it or continue on to see how it works. I'm just a bit clueless as to my next step, if it looks any better tomorrow I may post a picture.... eh, maybe.


MARIE d├ębutante tricoteuse said...


thank a lot for you post on my blog, don'y worry for your french i speak a little english a very little, my second project is a scarf grey and "creamy" , i whish you an happy thanksgiving! see you !!


Anonymous said...

glad you had a great thanksgiving. i hope you post your new project. can't wait to see it. take care!

MARIE d├ębutante tricoteuse said...


my new project is on-line you can see on my blog !! don't hesitate to go on!!

take care